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Our Fabric Selection

Discover our diverse range of premium knit fabrics catering to various brands and manufacturers


Cotton Blends

From soft and breathable cotton blends to luxurious Supima options, our range of cotton fabrics caters to all needs. Perfect for diverse apparel applications.


Polyester Options

Explore our high-quality polyester blends designed for durability and versatility, offering a wide range of textures and finishes for different styles.


Sustainable Fabrics

We specialize in eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel and Micromodal, providing sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality and performance.

Why Choose MB Textiles?

Discover the unique values that set us apart and make us the preferred choice for premium knit fabrics.

Innovation Focus

Explore our range of cutting-edge fabrics like Micromodel, designed to inspire new trends and elevate your brand’s collections.

Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering import substitute alternatives in India, ensuring the highest quality standards in every fabric.

Join the Knit Revolution

Contact us today to revolutionize your brand with our premium knit fabrics and expert solutions for manufacturers.

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